Entertainers You Probably Didn’t Know Were Canadian

Canada has the unfortunate tendency to get overshadowed by the United States in more ways than one. When people think of the North American market for anything, Canada tends to get left out, in spite of the fact that Canada is usually a thriving part of the international market for anything. When it comes to online gambling, Canada has a clear advantage compared to the United States, and there is much more than just maple syrup in Royal Vegas Canada. The legality of online gambling in the United States is complicated, but people can easily enjoy gaming at the Royal Vegas casino in Canada. Still, even before the rise of websites like the Royal Vegas casino, Canadians had a tremendous impact on entertainment that is often ignored.


For instance, all but the most dedicated Star Trek fans are often unaware that James Doohan, who played Scotty, was Canadian. Naturally, William Shatner himself is also Canadian. Another geek icon, Nathan Fillion, is also Canadian. Eugene Levy, who most people remember from Christopher Guest movies, is also Canadian. Many people would be equally surprised to learn that Dan Aykroyd is Canadian.

Plenty of actresses who have enduring popularity are also Canadian. Ellen Page, who people have loved since 2007 in Juno, is Canadian. Catherine O’Hara, who starred in many Millennial touchstone pictures and who has continued to make great stuff well into her sixties, is also Canadian. Anna Paquin, who could be considered a geek icon for her roles in True Blood and the X-Men series, is also Canadian.

On the musician side, people will find plenty of Canadian entertainers as well. Having said that, many Canadians will tell people that the same few artists tend to show up on Canadian radio a lot in order to conform to regulations concerning Canadian content in the Canadian media. As such, to the citizens of Canada it might seem like there aren’t really a lot of Canadian artists. However, they are more numerous than a lot of people think.

Nickleback and Simple Plan are divisive music groups inside Canada and outside of Canada, but they are Canadian whether people want to claim them as their own or not. Justin Bieber is just as divisive, but he is also Canadian. The famous activist and singer k.d. lang is also Canadian, and many Canadians would be more enthusiastic about naming her as one of their own.

Many Canadian entertainers are famous. However, they are not specifically famous for being Canadian. The fact that they are Canadian tends to be invisible in the eyes of many, including other Canadians. The fact that some people have a hard time telling the difference between some Canadian accents and some American accents helps, since many people immediately recognize famous British actors by their accents. The fact that Canada itself is often sadly invisible is another factor. However, hopefully Canada will achieve more visibility in the Information Age as more people are able to ascertain the nationalities of their favorite entertainers. The Royal Vegas casino and similar outlets might help as well. If nothing else, entertainers you probably didn’t know were Canadian are common.