Bob Mims Memphis on How to Play Golf

It is said that the game of golf is the most sophisticated in the world. For Bob Mims Memphis and Louisville are the best places in the country to play it, although this is down to personal preference. Most people know golf as a rich man’s game, expecting them to have finished university and to now work as a CFO for an important foundation. You would not expect someone with an arrest warrant, people who regularly steal or shoplift, or people who have been cited for other misdemeanors, to be playing a nice round of golf, after all.

In reality, however, golf is becoming a lot more accessible. Yes, there is still a community of people who like to keep it exclusive. They attend country clubs that only very few people can become a member of. They will instantly cancel the membership of someone who has been fired, or who couldn’t go on a trip to St. Tropez or somewhere else exotic in August. But overall, however, golf is becoming more accessible. At the same time, however, every player has to follow certain rules and regulations if they want to be able to play, and it is not uncommon to switch on the news and see a report of someone losing that right.

According to Bob Mims Memphis Is the Best Place to Play Golf

Mims believes that Memphis is the best place in the world to play golf. One of the reasons for that is because, here, it is not elitist. Rather, it is an opportunity for people to learn about the sport and how to improve their own game. The game of golf is all about hitting a ball by using a club, aiming for it to fall into a hole. Golfers have to overcome numerous obstacles before eventually getting to the green, which is where the hole is. They have a limited number of shots to get their ball in the hole, with is known as “par”. People can score under par, meaning they got the ball in the hole in less strokes than expected, par, or above par, meaning they hit the ball more often than expected.

Tools You Need to Play Golf

In order for someone to be able to play golf, they need clubs. That is what you use to hit the ball, after all. These clubs come in different lengths, materials, and styles, focusing on degrees and distance of shot. Each club has a different name, which refers to its size and its shape. The hybrids, woods, and drivers are the most commonly found clubs. Woods have a large head and are also called “fairway metals”, mainly because they are no longer made from wood. Hybrids, meanwhile, are taking over from long irons, because they are a lot more flexible. One bag can contain no more than 14 irons.

With this knowledge, Bob Mims believes anyone should be able to go to a Memphis golf course and start to play this wonderful game.