Custom Fireplace Screens and More, Ideas For A Hearth Owner For Christmas

If you are looking to get into the festive mood then an open-fire is the thing to do just that. Whilst it always works better on one of those cold, frosty nights, the reality is that an open hearth crackling away really does ignite the Christmas spirit. Not only this of course but anyone with such a feature in their home could be one of the easiest people to buy a gift for, as there are many accessories which you could choose from that will add a little bit of sparkle to their open fire. If you have a gift to buy for them, here are a few ideas for you to consider.

Fireplace Screen

As someone who does have an open-fire I can tell you that having a fireplace screen is both essential, and something which we don’t replace as often as we should. Whilst you can clean the soot and the ash off this piece, eventually those colors do stain and a new fireplace screen is a great idea for a gift. If you really want to go all out then custom fireplace screens could provide to be the perfect option for a great gift.

Tools For The Fire

It is not just the fireplace screen which many of us are guilty of not updating but also the tools with which we tend to and maneuver the fire itself. The heart takes a lot of management and that is why you need to make sure that you have got the right appliances to do just that. A good fireplace tool set should feature a poker, some blows which breathe oxygen into the fireplace, a pair of tongs and also a brush for scooting up some of that ash which comes out of the fire. Usually these will be on display so be sure that if you are going to buy these, that they look beautiful.

Mantelpiece Trinkets

Most people have a mantelpieces on top of the fireplace and this makes for the perfect place for some great little personalized trinkets or perhaps even something simply like a photo frame. If you are buying a gift for someone and you don’t plan to spend a huge amount of money then this kind of thing could be the perfect option for you to pick up. There are some very cool things which you can buy for this space in particular.

Log Basket

And of course no fire would be complete without some logs to place on top, and they will have to be stored alongside the fire for easy access. A nice, well built log basket is a great thing to pick up for the recipient here. Make sure that the basket is lined, as this will stop the pieces of wood from the logs falling onto the floor, a common complaint amongst those with a hearth, myself included!

These are just a few ideas which you could consider if you are buying gifts for someone who has a fire in their property.